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Publication DateVol.No.AuthorsArticlesAbstract
2023-07-31592Ching-Fu Chang and Li-Hsu ChenThe Impact of Infrastructure on Plant Productivity: Evidence from a Natural Experiment of the 921 Earthquake
2023-07-31592Hsuan-Yu Chen, Hong-Ren Din, and Chia-Hung SunEndogenous Market Structure and Input Pricing Strategy in Vertically-related Markets
2023-07-31592Tsung-Sheng Tsai and Yusen SungInformation Acquisition in Rent-seeking Contests with a Common Value
2023-01-31591Yi-Cheng Ho, Ya-Chu Yang, Chia-Hsin Chiang, and Jenn-Shyong KuoFinancial Statement Comparability and Tax Avoidance
2023-01-31591Ya-Wen Yu and David L. KleykampAssessing China’s Role in the Decline of U.S. Manufacturing Employment
2023-01-31591Ching-Fu ChangThe Effects of Gender Equality Law on Gender Wage Differentials: Evidence from Taiwan
2023-01-31591Ming-Hsuan Lee and Yuan-Rong Chang ChienDeterminants of Working and Retirement Decision Among Seniors in Taiwan -Do NEETs Matter?
2022-07-31582Chien-Hsiu Lin and Chih-Nan ChenTime-varying Transitional Dynamics of Macroeconomic Determinants on the Carry Trade
2022-07-31582Fang-Ni Chu, Chien-Wen Yang, Yu-Chun Lin, and Chih-Hsing HungExamining the Housing Wealth Effect from Consumption Expenditures
2022-07-31582Chi-Ting ChinThe Effect of the Market Competition Level in the Annuity Insurance Market
2022-07-31582Hsiang-Ju ChenCorporate Social Responsibility and Tax Avoidance: The Role of Product Market Competition
2022-01-31581Hao-Yen Yang and Ming-Huan LiouApplication of Computable General Equilibrium Analysis to STI Policy Evaluation: Illustrations of R&D Investment in Taiwan’s ICT Industry
2022-01-31581Hao-Yu Hung, Yuan Chang, and Shu-Hui LinDoes Corporate Social Responsibility Have the Function of Insurance on Performance?
2022-01-31581Shi-Shu Peng, Chung-Cheng Lin, and Hsiao-Pei LinDegree Inflation: Why Do More College Graduates Pursue a Master’s Degree in Taiwan?
2022-01-31581An-Ming WangLand Rent, Spatial Structure, and Social Optimum: The Perspective of New Economic Geography
2021-07-31572Tai-Hsin Huang, Yi-Huang Chu, and Lian-Jing HuangJointly Estimating Technical Efficiency of Taiwan’s International Tourist Hotels with Two Divisions and Endogenous Inputs
2021-07-31572Horn In Kuo, Chih-Ta Yen, and Yi-Qi ChenTransfer Pricing, Tax Evasion Responsibility Sharing, Internal Control, and Tax Harmonization
2021-07-31572Yi-Chen HongNutrition Knowledge and Dietary Quality: Evidence from Taiwan’s Working-Age Population
2021-07-31572Jauling Tseng, Nai-Fong Kuo, and Hsueh-Hung HouThe Analysis of Key Factors Affecting the Successful Funding Amounts of Crowdfunding
2021-01-31571Hung-Lin Tao, Jen-Hao Wang, and Chian-Wen WangWithdrawal, Dismissal, and Late Graduation: A Case Study of One Northern Private University
2021-01-31571Wehn-Jyuan TsaiMatch Mechanism in Higher Education: Learning from a Distinctive University’s Recruitment and Retention
2021-01-31571Yih-Chyi Chuang and Yen-Ling ChenDo Elite High Schools Matter for Entering Elite Universities?
2021-01-31571Yu-Han Chen, Joe Chen, and Shih-Chang HuangAn Empirical Study on Public Employee Pension Reform and Government Employees’ Labor Market
2020-07-31562Chia-Hung SunA Revisit to Timing/Location Games with Directional Constraints
2020-07-31562Chi-Chih LinShould Third-Degree Price Discrimination Be Banned Directly?
2020-07-31562Zion Guo and Zi-Yuan SunThe Impact of Stock Market Volatility on Physical Health
2020-07-31562Kuo-Feng Kao and Chin-Sheng ChenVertical Separation and Collusion
2020-01-31561Chia-Hui LuThe Optimality of a Minimum Wage: A Central Planner’s Perspective
2020-01-31561Chao-Hsi Huang, Yi-Shan Hsieh, and Yi-Jin LinBank Ownership and Lending Patterns over Business Cycles and Financial Crises: Evidence from Taiwan
2020-01-31561Chien-Yuan Sher and Ming-Chen ChenWhy Do Hospitals and Clinics in Taiwan Not Release Prescriptions? An Explanation of the Pharmaceutical Price Gap
2020-01-31561Yu-Li Huang and Chung-Hua ShenEffects of Guarantees on the Relationship Between Credit Rating and Bond Yield Spread
2019-07-31552Chien-Liang Chen, Tien-Wang Tsaur, and Yo-Long LinDecomposition of the Determinants of Labor Income Inequality in Taiwan
2019-07-31552Eric S. Chou and Jenn-Hong TangHoldups, Overinvestment, and On-the-Job Search
2019-07-31552Rwei-Ju Chuang, Shu-Mei Wen, Show-Lin Chen, and Ching-Chin ChouA Two-stage TREE/LOGIT Method to Construct the Short-term Exchange Reversal Model with Thresholds
2019-07-31552Chang-Tai Lee and Ching-Fu ChangThe Impact of Foreign Labor on Domestic Wages and Employment: Evidence from Taiwan
2019-01-31551Tien-Wang Tsaur, Jen-Ruey Tsaur, and Yen-Ching LinMacroeconomic Parameters and the Assignment Problem
2019-01-31551Chen-Sheng Lin and Fu-Sheng HungFinancial Development and Economic Growth in Taiwan: The Role of the Shadow Economy
2019-01-31551Mei-Li Shen, Cheng-Feng Lee, Ching-Chuan Tsong, and Hsiou-Hsiang LiuA Study of Strong/Weak-form Fiscal Sustainability: Evidence from the Quantile Co-integration Model
2019-01-31551Chi-Ting ChinThe Social Welfare Effect of Deregulation in the Goods Market: Analysis of an Overlapping-Generations Model
2018-07-31542Lu, Huei-ChungTo Be a Typical or an Atypical Worker? Decision Modes and Determinants of Employment Patterns for Male and Married Female Laborers in Taiwan
2018-07-31542Liu, Yong-Chin, Hsiang-Ju Chen, and Sheng-Wen ChenThe Impact of Managerial Ownership on Firm Value: The Role of Overconfidence
2018-07-31542Tsai, I-JuThe Effects of Trade and Overseas Production of Taiwan’s Export Orders on the Performance of Taiwan’s Manufacturing Industries: A Comparison between Trade with Different Regions
2018-07-31542Chen, Po-JuOn Macroprudential Policies and Housing Prices in Taiwan: The Effects of Targeted Credit Policies and Housing-Related Tax Policies
2018-01-31541Liu, Shi-Miin and Hsiao-Chi ChenSolving Stray-Animal Problems by Economic Policies
2018-01-31541Lin, Chun-Hung and Ho-Shan LinCorruption, Undesirable Output, and Efficiency: The Application of Spatial Quantile Regression
2018-01-31541Chen, Shinemay and Ting-Hsin HuangTax Treaty, Exchange-of-Information Clauses, and Overseas Activities of Multinational Corporations
2017-07-31532Chiou, Jing-YuanA Re-examination of Collusion under Hard and Soft Information
2017-07-31532Wang, King-Min, Ting-Wei Kuo, Tzu-Hsun Hsiao, and Yo-Min LinThe Study of Optimal Electricity Portfolio Planning under Risk and Uncertainty
2017-07-31532Lin, Ruey-Yih and Chia-Hung SunPrice Competition versus Quantity Competition in a Mixed Duopoly with Integrated Markets
2017-01-31531Huang, Deng-Shing and Yo-Yi HuangCommon-Pool Resources, Ecotourism, and Sustainable Development
2017-01-31531Tsai, Wehn-JyuanOvereducation and Industrial Productivity: Evidence from Two-Digit Manufacturing Industries
2017-01-31531Wang, Vey, Shih-Wen Hu, and Chung-Hui LaiIntegration, R&D and Economic Growth
2017-01-31531Wang, Mu-Shun and Chihuang LinDynamic Factors Volatility and Expected Stock Return Based on the Unscented Kalman Filter Method and GARCH Model
2016-07-31522Yen, Chih Ta and K. L. Glen UengConsumption Externality, Self-Insurance, and Optimal Taxation
2016-07-31522Lai, Mei-Ying and Zong-Shin LiuPurchasing Power Parity, Balassa-Samuelson Effect, and Structural Change: Evidence from Real Exchange Rates between Taiwan and the U.S. and Japan
2016-07-31522Mao, Chih-Wen and Wen-Chieh WuUsing the Method of Difference-in-Differences with Matching Analysis in Exploring the Effect of Dual Income Taxation on Economic Growth
2016-07-31522Lu, Chia-HuiAnnouncement Effects of Consumption Taxes
2016-01-30521Hung, Shao-Pin and Ssu-Li ChangThe Dynamic Simulation and Applications of an Adaptive Smart Grid-Based Power Supply and Demand Resources Mix
2016-01-30521Chen, Chia-Wen and Mau-Ting LinMarket Definition and Upward Pricing Pressure Test: Evidence from Taiwan’s KTV Industry
2016-01-30521Wang, King-Min and Ling-Hui ChiuHeat Wave Risk Management and Adaptation Action for the Taiwan’s Electricity Sector
2015-07-31512Lee, Wen-Fu, Ming-Chung Chang, and Yuan-Huei WangMeasuring and Decomposing the Taiwanese Banking Productivity and Profitability Change
2015-07-31512Liao, Chih-Feng, Bor-Yi Huang, Shih-Yu Luo, and Yu-Li HuangDeterminants of Bargaining Power in Finance Leasing
2015-07-31512Chen, Po-JuThe Relationship between House Prices and Credit Constraints: Evidence from Taiwan Housing Markets
2015-07-31512Lee, Wei-Ming, Shue-Jen Wu, and Chi-Tai HuangPredicting Bear Markets of the TAIEX and Industry Indices in Taiwan
2015-01-30511Lin, Jwu-Rong, Chen-Jui Huang, Chun-Kuei Hsieh, and Ching-Yu ChenEfficiency Evaluation of Business Internationalization, Domestic Employment, and Overstatement of Export Contribution
2015-01-30511Lin, Mau-TingLong-Run Effects of Inflation Under Calvo Staggered Price Contract
2015-01-30511Kuo, Ping-Sing, Ni-Young Lu, and Hsiao-Nien HuColleges in Taiwan-An Application of Students’ Performance Attributable to the Decomposition Method
2015-01-30511Shieh, ShiouIntensity of Competition and Adoption of Product Innovations: Comparing Incentives for Innovations and Welfare under Cournot and Bertrand Competition
2014-07-31502Chang, Yuan and Chung-Hua ShenCorporate Social Responsibility and Profitability-Cost of Debt as the Mediator
2014-07-31502Chiu, Yen-ChenThe Determinants of Commonality in Liquidity:The Viewpoint of Funding Liquidity and Institutional Investors Trading Behavior
2014-07-31502Lin, Chun-Hung, Mei-Chun Cheng, and Ching-Po HsuZipf ′s Law and City Size Distributions in Taiwan
2014-07-31502Chu, Hsiang-Hui, Jung-Hsien Chang, and Yu-Sen LinHedging and Value at Risk with a Heavy Tailed Distribution
2014-01-31501Huang, Tai-Hsin, Ying-Hsiu Chen, Ming-Tai Chung, and Yen-Lin LinApplying the Stochastic Frontier Model to Test the Convergence Hypothesis: The Interrelationships among Human Capital, Financial Development, and Economic Growth
2014-01-31501Fu, Tsu-Tan and Yih-Ming LinHealth Risk Perception, Demand, and Willingness to Pay for Weight Reduction
2014-01-31501Guo, Zion and Ming-Kai ChenA Revised Value Function to Connote the Disposition Effect
2014-01-31501Liu, Bih-Jane and Ting-Yueh KangThe Effects of R&D and Spillovers on the Domestic Sales Ratio - A Case Study of Manufacturing Firms Operating in China
2013-07-31492Chang, Chun-Pin and Yen-Shan HsuA Two-Factor Real Consumption CAPM
2013-07-31492Han, Hsing-Wen, Steve Tsui, and Wen-Hui ChengAssessing Redistributional Effects of a New Financing Mechanism for Households Raising Children
2013-07-31492Huang, Tai-Hsin, Chi-Chuan Lee, and Chao-Hsuan KuoInvestigating Productivity Differentials between Large and Small-Medium Manufacturers Using Quantile Regression Techniques
2013-07-31492Chan, Li-Yu and Hui-Lin LinThe Relationship between Geographic and Market Concentration in Taiwan’s Manufacturing Sector
2013-01-31491Lee, Chieh-HsienEvaluating the Benefits of Ameliorating Obesity Relevant Diseases on Middle and Older Aged People in Taiwan-A Two-Stage Approach
2013-01-31491Lee, Wen-Fu and Pei-Ju ChangOperational Performance of Listed Securities Firms in Taiwan: An Application of a Generalized Malmquist Productivity Index
2013-01-31491Chang, Chong-Chuo and C. Edward WangThe Time-Series and Cross-Sectional Stock Returns in Taiwan: A Reexamination under Different Model Specification, Portfolio Construction, and Sample Selection
2013-01-31491Juan, Chun-Ying and Yu-Fong SunThe Relationship between Public Abatement Expenditure, Inflation and Economic Growth
2012-07-31482Yang, Chin-WenMeasurement of Energy Efficiency and Its Linkage to Environmental Policy Instruments
2012-07-31482Chou, Hsiu-Hsia and Chung-Hua ShenInformation Technology, Information Sharing and Bank Lending
2012-07-31482Changchien, Chang-Cheng, Chu-Hsiung Lin, and Wan-Hsin ChaoEstimation of Optimal Hedge Ratio for Stock Index Futures: Bias-Corrected EWMA Method
2012-07-31482Tu, Kuang-IImpact of Tuition Fees on Teaching and Research Performance at Universities
2012-01-31481Liu, Hsiang-Hsi and Teng-Tsai TuAn Investigation on Volatility and the Interrelationship between the US Equity Market and Macroeconomic Variables -- An Application of the VEC GJR DCC-GARCH-M Model
2012-01-31481Liaw, Peir-ShyanGraphical Analyzing the Honeymoon Effect of Spot Foreign Exchange Rate Target Zones -- The Dual Expectations Consideration of the Spot Foreign Exchange Rate and Stock Price
2012-01-31481Chiang, Hsiu-YenBargaining and Inflation
2012-01-31481Huang, Tai-Hsin, Ying-Hsiu Chen, and Ming-Tai ChungA Study on Production Efficiency Using a Metafrontier Function Approach for the Member States of OECD and APEC
2011-07-31472Chang, Kuang-Liang and Tsung-Yu HuangThe Dynamics Interdependence between the Stock Returns of Taiwanese High-Technology Firms and their ADRs-Evidence from the Extreme Tail-Dependence and Kendall’s tau Measures
2011-07-31472Fan, Chinn-Ping, Bih-Shiow Chen, and Yu-Chen ChenAn Experimental Study on the Regional Differences in the Demand for Disaster Insurance
2011-07-31472Chiang, Hsiu-YenNon-Coordination and Inflation Contract
2011-07-31472Chuang, Shi-Feng and Yah-Wei ChenThreshold Effects of Openness on Income Inequality
2011-01-31471Yen, Huang-Ping and Jing-Wen ChangMeasuring Cost Efficiencies in Domestic Banks: Application of the Metafrontier Approach
2011-01-31471Liu, Bih Jane and Yu-Yin WuDevelopment Zones in China: Are STIPs a Substitute for or a Complement to ETDZs?
2011-01-31471Liao, Yi-Hsing, Yan-Chi Chen, and Chen-Chin WangThe Association between the Information Disclosure Level in the Annual Report and Information Asymmetry: Evidence from Private Information-based Trading
2011-01-31471Kuo, Horn-InTax Competition, Provision of Public Goods and the Number of Firms
2011-01-31471Ueng, K. L. Glen and Chiaen J. WuOptimal Taxation on the Commodity with Various Market Channels
2010-07-31462Lin, Yu-Ling, Ta-Cheng Chang, and Shin-Pin HuangThe Study of Sample Selection Bias in Corporate Financial Distress Prediction Model: An Example of Taiwan Listed Companies
2010-07-31462Yeh, Kuo-Chun, Tai-Kuang Ho, and I-Cheng Chang LeeCapital Flows, International Financial Integration, and Economic Growth: An Analysis for the Emerging Markets
2010-07-31462Fang, Chung-RouIs the Advantage of Nominal Income Targeting Valid in the New Keynesian Forward-Looking Model? A Target Zone Perspective under the Interest Rate Rule
2010-07-31462Chen, Chien-Liang and Yu-Jhang ChenMarriage Premium of Male Worker in Taiwan: Evidence from Endogenous Selection Model
2010-01-31461Jenn-Shyong Kuo and Yi-Cheng HoThe Association of Debt Financing with Not-for-Profit Hospitals’ Operational and Capital-Investment Efficiency
2010-01-31461Chieh-Hsien LeeEvaluating the Benefits of Ameliorating Cardiovascular Disease
2010-01-31461Tzu-Chuan Kao and Shu-Hui ChanFirm Size and Growth in the Taiwan Electronic and Information Industry: The Quantile Analysis in the Effect of Foreign Direct Investment, Technological Gap, and Financial Structure
2010-01-31461Hsiao-Chi Chen and Shi-Miin LiuSpreads, Depths, and Optimal Submission Strategies of Market and Limit Orders
2009-07-31452Pei-Jung Tsai, Yung-Jang Wang, Yung-Jang Wang, and Yung-Jang WangInvestor Sentiment, Firm Characteristics, and Stock Returns in Taiwan
2009-07-31452Bwo-Nung Huang, Su-Yin Cheng, Han Hou, and Chu-San Edward WangAn Investigation on the Dynamic Systematic Risk of Taiwan Stock Market
2009-07-31452Yuan-Ming Lee, Bwo-Nung Huang, and Kuan-Min WangWhether the Current Depth of Recession Could Be the Threshold Variable? The Out-of-Sample Forecasting Test
2009-07-31452Chung-Hua Shen and Chang-Ping LinThe Role of Financial Development to Economic Growth -- Dynamic Panel Threshold Model
2009-01-31451Hsinan Hsu, Yi-Chen Wu, and Chin-Sheng HuangEstimation of TAIEX’s Dividend Payouts and Impacts on the Pricing of TAIEX Index Futures
2009-01-31451Chiang-Liang LinThe Impact of Information Transparency on Donations: Evidences from Public Welfare Organizations of Taiwan
2009-01-31451Ming-Hwang Hong and Peter Wen-Hui ChengImpact of Choice of Income and Equivalence Scale on Economic Well-being Inequality
2009-01-31451K. L. Glen Ueng and Chiaen J. WuTax Evasion and Output Decisions with Uncertain Detection
2008-07-31442Chi-Huei HuangThe Economic Effects of Taiwan’s Anti-dumping Duty on PC Prestress Steel
2008-07-31442King-Min Wang and Ting-Wei KuoSimulating Locational Marginal Pricing for Deregulated Electricity Market in Taiwan
2008-07-31442Wei-Lung Huang and Lih-Chyun SunCross-Regional Environmental Resource Management Agreement Negotiated by Central Authority?
2008-07-31442I-Yuan Chuang, Yen-Chen Chiu, and Deng-Heh LeeValue at Risk Model Using Open-Close and High-Low Price
2008-01-31441Jue-Shyan Wang and Tun-Ya YangCrackdown on Imitations and Political Contributions
2008-01-31441Hsiao-Chien Tsui and Wei-Xin YangIs Market Share the Only Standard of Horizontal Mergers?
2008-01-31441Chun-Ying Juan and Shih-Wen HuAnticipated Monetary Policy and Transitional Dynamics in an Endogenous Growth Model
2008-01-31441Jhy-Yuan Shieh, Jhy-Hwa Chen, Chih-Yu Yang, and Ting-Hao ChungGovernment Expenditure and Economic Growth: The Roles of Congestion and Market Imperfections
2007-07-31432Yung-Chi ChenAnalyzing the Impact of Operating Risk and Cost on Taiwan’s Banks Joining Financial Holding Company
2007-07-31432Wan-Chen Po and Bwo-Nung HuangThe Study on the Nonlinear Behavior of Intraday Return Volatility and Trading Volume in Taiwan Stock Index Futures and Spot Markets
2007-07-31432Jue-Shyan WangGame-Theoretic Analysis of Dissuading Candidates from Running for Elections
2007-07-31432Zen-Fu UengGovernmental Delay of Public Goods Provision and Social Welfare – An Analysis of Supply Side
2007-01-31431Alan Huang and Lih-Chyun SunThe Delegation Mechanism of Taiwan Governmental Administration Organization of Water Resources
2007-01-31431Hsinan Hsu, David Shyu, Wen-Hsiu Kuo, and Leapfoi TeeThe Impact of Foreign Capital on the Basis between Taiwan Stock Market and Futures Market
2007-01-31431Yong-Chin LiuThe Behavior of the Interest Rate for Credit Cards in Taiwan’s Banks
2007-01-31431Jwu-Rong Lin, Kuo-Hsiung Chang, Chi-Sheng Hsu, and Jun-Mauo ChiuThe Impact of Financial Liberalization on Taiwan’s Ten Largest Bank’s Operating Performances
2006-07-31422Jan-Chung WangHedging with Taiwan Stock Index Futures: Duration Effects, Expiration Effects, and Hedge Ratio Stability
2006-07-31422Deng-Yang Chou, Wei-Chuan Yang, and Mei-Ching HuangAn Economic Analysis of Protecting Intellectual Property Rights - On the Southern Demand Side
2006-07-31422Tsu-Tan Fu and Chieh-Hsien LeeEvaluating Ameliorative Benefits of Cardiovascular Disease-An Application of Population Attributable Risk Method
2006-07-31422Zen-Fu Ueng and Cheng-Chen YangTime and Rent Seeking – A Reconsideration of Full Dissipation Hypothesis
2006-01-31421Chia-yu HungThe Effects of Firm’s Job Creation and Destruction on Entry Wages
2006-01-31421Tsu-Tan Fu, Wen Shan Yang, and Powen YehCitizen’s Willingness to Donate for Reconstructing Disaster Areas Caused by the 921 Earthquake - An Application of CVM
2006-01-31421Jue-Shyan Wang and Wei-Ting SunThe Study of Promotion in Negative Activity
2006-01-31421Yu-Bong LaiCapital Tax Competition in the Presence of Rent-Shifting Incentives
2005-07-31412Chien-Wha Chen, Tru-Gin Liu, and Shih-Shen ChenProperty Rights Structure of R&D Cooperative Contract
2005-07-31412Jue-Shyan Wang and Kuen-Liang TsaiPolitical Contribution Caps and Lobbying for Tariff
2005-07-31412Tze-Shiou ChienCommand and Control Is Not the Nature of Tort Law: A Reply to Hsu and Shaw
2005-07-31412Tsung-Chen Lee, Chiung-Yao Tseng, and Chien-Ming LeeA Study of Cost and Strategy of CO2 Abatement for Taiwan: The Implications of Participation in IET and Intensity Target
2005-01-31411Wen-Shwo Fang, Tsang-Yao Chang, and Chih-Chuan YehExchange Rate Depreciation, Risk and Exports
2005-01-31411Chuen-Fa ChuangThe Study on Economic Effects Brought by Open Market of Liquefied Petroleum Gas
2005-01-31411Chien-Chiang Lee, Fu-Sheng Hung, and Bwo-Nung HuangIs the Relation between Financial Development and Economic Growth Robust? An Application of Threshold Regression Model
2005-01-31411Wen-Chun ChangImperfect Competition and Common Resource Exploitation: An Analysis of Renewable Resource Management with Non-use Values
2004-07-31402Ya-Po Yang and Kuan-Yu ShihCost Differentiation and Optimal Trade Policies in a Vertically Related Industry
2004-07-31402Wen-zhung LinTax Evasion and Economic Growth: Properties of a Penality Structure
2004-07-31402K.W. Kevin Hsu and Daigee ShawEconomic Analysis of Due-care Levels for Liability Rules
2004-07-31402Meihuey HouMonetary Policy, Output Target Zone and the Stock Price
2004-01-31401Chun-Hsiung Liao and Hsin-Yih HsuWelfare Analysis of the Bundling Marketing Strategy in a Stackelberg Duopoly
2004-01-31401Yuan-Huei Wang and Wen-Fu LeeTechnical Efficiency of District Hospitals in Taiwan: Nonparametric Data Envelopment Analysis
2004-01-31401Koyin Chang and Yung-hsiang YingThe Empirical Study of Strategic Alliances of High-Technology Industry - An Application to Biotechnology Industry
2004-01-31401Yu-Bong Lai and Chia-Hui WangTariff Policy, Environmental Policy, and Welfare Effects Analysis
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